Landscape Paintings


Probably the most popular of subjects for painters. Landscapes tend not to move or jump around, they can be altered and shifted to accommodate artistic temperament or value. Some scenes lend themselves very well to being painted, others have to be manipulated (on the paper) to bring out more pleasing qualities.

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  • Colorado Snow
    Colorado Snow

    For sale.

    Inspiration provided by Wendy Francisco, this is her back yard. She is a very lucky person.

  • Cove Bay
    Cove Bay

    My wife loves this beach. She hails from Hopeman and this little bay is a short walk from there. Some people are very lucky to have grown up around here.

  • Currievale in Snow
    Currievale in Snow


    This is the view from where I currently live - minus the annoying power lines and pylons.

  • Dros Delnoch
    Dros Delnoch

    For Sale

    This is a fantasy landscape in that it does not exist in real life. A nice sunrise over the massive fortress of Dros Delnoch from David Gemmell's brilliant book, Legend. As one viewer of the painting said...'I can see Druss striding along the walls'.

  • Jacaranda Sentinels
    Jacaranda Sentinels

    For sale

    Ah, Australia my third favourite country. This, believe it or not, is a house in the centre of Sydney situated on the harbour front. They do not go in for small in Oz!

  • Lossie Light
    Lossie Light

    For sale

    Morayshire, a tremendous place full of inspiration. This is Lossiemouth lighthouse looking towards the Black Isle that would appear to have had a nuclear explosion. It really is bizarre the way clouds can form.

    Inspiration for this came from a photograph by my good friend Maggie Reuss-Newland of Opalfire Photography.

  • Neiderau, Austria
    Neiderau, Austria

    For sale

    My most favourite country in the world, Austria. I know, I live and hail from Scotland but I absolutely love this place. Clean, beautiful and full of lovely warm people. Scotland manages two out of three.

  • Skye Bridge
    Skye Bridge

    For sale

    Lovely sunset showing the bridge to Skye.

  • The Cave
    The Cave

    For sale

    The southern coast of Australia, in the region of the Twelve Apostles (of which there are only seven and a half left). The colours on display were fantastic and screamed to be painted.

  • Winter Barn
    Winter Barn

    For sale

    A cold winter night somewhere...anywhere, where there is snow, a barn, some fences and trees.