Mountain Paintings

I love mountains, I really do. Standing tall and majestic, snow covered or not, beautiful, strong and fearsome. When I see mountains I want to paint them. I understand that some people want to climb them, but I do not. Personally I prefer cable cars for getting up there and for returning too. I go up, photograph what I want then return to the nice warm studio to commit my memories to paper or canvas.

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  • Aguilles Rouge
    Aguilles Rouge

    For sale

    Roughly translates as the Red Needles. Mountain ridge in the alps around Chamonix, France. Beautiful place.

  • To Walk the Mountains
    To Walk the Mountains


    Glorious and majestic cutting man down to his proper size. This is one of the trails from Aguilles du Midi, Chamonix, France.

  • The Long Climb
    The Long Climb


    This one, won me 'best in show', at the 2014 Pentland Art Club Annual Exhibition. I am so chuffed! And it sold!!!!