Portrait Paintings

Once I would have said that painting people would be a thing I would never do, far easier to paint animals than people. Yet, here we are, I have painted people and will continue to do so when I feel the muse upon me. There are some people I would love to paint (and no, Amy, there is no need for them to be held down while I slap some emulsion on them), some I have painted and some I have no interest in painting. Eventually more of those people I really want to paint will appear here.

Please click on the images to see the full picture.

  • Penny

    For sale.

    Pastel on board. My first serious portrait.

  • Contemplation

    Not for sale or anything else really. This was inspired by a watercolour sketch by Hazel Soan in her latest book. So I cannot do anything with it other than show it.

    So, Hazel, if you ever browse my website, this pastel is down to your inspiration. Thank you.

  • Sea Dancer
    Sea Dancer


    Not strictly a portrait but figure work. Came close to winning best in show in 2013.

  • The Watt Children
    The Watt Children


    As an artist you are never stuck for something to give people. This was created because Sandra and Adrian did so much for my Mum and I wanted to show my appreciation for that. These are their children.