Abstract Photography

Patterns of light, shade and texture whether natural or man-made can make fascinating and beautiful photographs. Again, some can be turned into paintings but as said elsewhere it is often easier to paint with photoshop than paint.

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  • Kundl Klamm Gorge
    Kundl Klamm Gorge

    Wall patterns on the gorge wall.

  • Grindelwald Footprint
    Grindelwald Footprint

    Bigfoot is alive and well in Switzerland.

  • The Hole
    The Hole

    First of the cropped footprint photos. It has merits.

  • Cropped Footprint
    Cropped Footprint

    Maybe one day I will attempt a painting.

  • Downtown Melbourne
    Downtown Melbourne

    As soon as I saw this from the hotel window I knew it would look good either as an abstract photo or a painting.

  • Forth Bridge Abstract
    Forth Bridge Abstract

    Close crop of the Forth Bridge. Successful painting done of this. Sold it too.

  • Mountain Combo
    Mountain Combo

    Some people object to photoshop but me? No, this is a great combination shot but I owe this to my good friend Peter Tuffy. My photo but his work on photoshop.